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As stated in last month’s brief newsletter, we do have delightful updates to share with you in this update on our progress for our villagers.
Another rural village Tinghare, has a working well!  Further, the pipes have arrived to deliver water to their homes from the reservoir.  This is the last step before each home, 60 different families, will have water in their houses in a bit over a month from now.
Home water is a total game changer from bathing, laundry, cleaning, watering their livestock with year round water available conveniently sans 5 walks a day to springs to haul the water on their backs!    The project is one Rabin requested when he learned about new water programs from our Deputy Mayors, women of our villages who know what the government is offering because of their elected positions.  Rabin is guiding the government project work.  He is always ready to advocate for our villagers.  When necessary, he can bring the voices of our over 45,000 villagers to the table.  They make a difference just as you do with your support and belief in us.  
Additionally, Rabin requested his municipality for fruit trees.  1000 fruit trees have been given to Rabin to distribute to our villages within the designated municipality.  His plan is to obtain 20,000 trees!  Mangoes, pomegranate trees, avocado, and lychee trees are some of the trees so far given.  Food and shade!  Rabin has personally planted 12 trees.  He mentioned he has blessed them all to grow and produce well.  The villagers are excited to plant their gifted trees.  Ritualistically, they all bless their trees for abundance they can eat, share and sell.  Environmentally, the trees will counteract the polluted air.
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Pictures of the completed roads were sent to me by Rabin, so here they are shared.  
Monsoon season is known as the time of rice planting.  Those living in Kathmandu come to their village to help in the laborious planting time.  Evenings are spent joyfully, even though everyone is thoroughly tired from the work and unrelenting humidity.
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Due to the borders being closed because of the Delta-Covid virus, we are in a short holding pattern for making more Personal Pad Solution kits.  Our wonderful volunteers, Beth on cutting, and Marilynn sewing and packaging are ready to continue forward when the borders open to transport what we have completed.  

Would you like to buy a bolt or 3 of flannel for the project?  8 yards on a bolt with on sale pricing of + tax,$2.99 = about $25, or $75 if you wish to buy all we need?  You can make the purchase on your own or we will do it.
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As you have read, we are moving along well regardless of the enormous hurdles to jump in bereft Nepal.
Remember well how we appreciate your support, your interest in people you will likely never meet.  

You are gems glistening in the summer sun, Rosalind
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