Gita dancing

February 11th, 2015

Here’s a video of the great Gita, dancing at one of our fundraisers! Click on the link to open the video.Gita Dancing

Valentines Day R Star Gifts

January 24th, 2015

Still don’t have a valentines gift? Give one that actually makes a difference. Click on the picture below for more information. Feel free to pay via PayPal online for easy transaction.

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New email contact

December 31st, 2014  
Please do not email, thanks and best wishes for the New Year!

New Page!

December 30th, 2014

We now have a new page to read interviews with beneficiaries of R star in Kathmandu Valley.
Interviews will be added regularly, so keep updated on our new page!
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Fall Newsletter!

November 22nd, 2014

Here is the fall newsletter for you all to download quickly and easily!
Click on the picture of the newsletter to enlarge to see interviews with some of the women in Pascal R Star works with. As well as hearing about R Star intern, Martha Myers, account of her stay there this summer.

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R Star Stories

November 14th, 2014

Sharmila: “I have been with the R Star Program for 10 years since it started in our village of Wojethar. It brought us closer together in our village. Before I didn’t know the alphabet, now I can read. Rosalind brought us light and we thank her and we always think of her. It’s a pleasure to receive her anytime she comes. I would be so happy to see her again soon. Through the education program I learned literacy. I also run a little business in the village selling noodles, chocolates and other popular items; and I can count up the amounts on my own.”

“After she gave goats to me, the goats helped not only me, but my husband, brothers, children. We all prosper and we are still prospering because of the program. You saw me before in our house and you see me now in my new house I could build because of the profit I earned by selling the offspring of my original goats.”

” The micro banking meant we could pay the fees for our children’s school on time. I bought materials for building the new house and for the kids to go to school. Yes, we learned from the literacy classes; it really helps us because we could help our children at school; we can read signs so we don’t get lost; and we can read the numbers on the bus to take us to the right place. We used to pay landlords the unbearable interest (155- 185%), to live but now we pay the interest (10%) to our own group of 25 women members, so the R Star micro finance group gets even stronger to loan more to more of our groups. It is kind of R Star not to take the interest we pay on each loan. When is Rosalind coming again?”

“It changed the caste system, Dunwars are used to discrimination as we are “untouchables” now they (all castes, Brahmans, Newars and all) come for advice and we are friends without the caste as a barrier to us any longer.”

R Star Stories

November 14th, 2014

Sharmila’s husband: “At first I had doubt and didn’t understand the purpose of the work. I thought something good was happening when my wife joined the group brought to us by a woman Rosalind of R Star. I didn’t know it would impact so much but after a few years we realized how much of a positive way it went. I’m very happy my wife is a part of the project. We never fought about the income she was producing; my wife ran her finance that she earned which has never been the custom of this little country. (A woman’s money is not hers but the husband’s or head of household.) It took a great burden from me with her ability to add to our otherwise poor lives. We are grateful for the program”.
Picture of Sharmila, her husband and R Star Intern Martha Myers. Photo Credit -Rabindra Sitaula

Everyone can make a difference

October 22nd, 2014


Linda is a retired teacher; she understands the benefits of education to make lasting changes in third world countries. Nepal is rated as the #1 poorest country in Southeast Asia.

Linda’s aim is to raise enough funds to send Rosalind back to Nepal this year with the needed 200 goats for two more villages.
To attend or otherwise support either event, call Linda at: (919) 322-0850 or Rosalind at: 497-4911.
To learn more email; PO Box 4183 or to donate.

R Star changes lives.

October 18th, 2014

Sharmila, part of the Duwar community.
“I have been with R Star and their goats for 10 years. After she gave goats not only me but my husband, brothers, children, all prospered and we are still prospering. You saw me before in our house and you see me now in my new house I could build because of the profit.”
“It changed the caste system, Duwars used to discriminate us as we are “untouchables” now they come for advice and we are friends.”

Although R Star only gives goats to women, the whole family prospers from the program. Before R Star Sharmila couldn’t afford to send her children to school, now through R Star’s collective and education programs, not only can she send her children to a good school, but also has the free time with which to help her children with their school work.

All interviews by Martha Myers and Rabindra Sitaula, tentative translation by Rabindra Situala.

Iliana’s Tea Party & Silent Auction

September 13th, 2014

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