Our R Star Top of the World School

R Star Foundation is a 100% volunteer-ran organization that serves and educates the women and children of Nepal.


We have pre-school students to the 6th grade. 55 students are enrolled. Located in Wojethar. Students from other villages also attend TOW-N.


As a private school, we have kept our rates at less than the government school, scholarships are gifted to the females who otherwise would not be educated per the culture not valuing females. $125 is the cost of the 11 month school year, with the males paying only 50%.


The building began late 2007, completing in 2009 and opening. Since the earthquakes, the physical building was red-tagged.

Basic education as mandated is provided. We include far more:

Water well brought in by a single donor of Laguna Beach for daily water breaks. Educators know a hydrated brain promotes learning

Hanging gardens teach how a larger range of agricultural products can grow in tight, small areas. This caught on in a few village homes too, community enrichment being intentional.

PEACE classes are taught daily to the children to bring about harmony in the village. Peace is not innate; we teach it intentionally to lift the warring country to peace. We have success by the village unity we witness, another intentional community enrichment. The children make peace flags with small quotes they focus on in their studies to understand peace, harmony such as: “There never was a good war or a bad peace” by Winston Churchill. The program is successful to the point a longer peace class was added 2015, presented weekly by the Tibetan Buddhist Society.

Enrichment by foreign teachers from around the world come to TOW-N to teach from art, dance, English and more expand the thinking of our students and bring excitement and enjoyment to the students.

Kindle Readers with English and American Classics began in 2012. Beyond computers which are not in all schools, Kindles are not common in any of Nepal. A student reward system to take a Kindle home for an evening or weekend for their enjoyment to read to their families or their own pleasure to read is established. It is a favorite program of the children. The teachers see the reading ability vastly increased by the Kindle use.

Top 10% of the Nation: Our children test at the top 10% of the nation which is remarkable for a rural village or any private or government school.


“Preparing the female and male children equally for a better life both locally and internationally to develop character with the superb educational opportunities we provide which take the students as far as they wish to grow” remains R Star’s vision!

Critical Needs

The quakes caused major structural damage which needs repair. Coupled with the reconstruction 2 more rooms are needed as a computer room and additional latrine. Funds for more computers and desks, educational materials remain needed.