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Meeting with foreseen success!  
LUCKY!  Happy & Fortunate! 
6 of our villages have a grand road which we have reported about this past year though it was in the planning well over 3.5 years! The names of the villages with better access are: Khampuri, Devhumi, Shera, Ojetar, Bedabari, and Karkatar.  The newly implemented road connects the agricultural area to Arniko Highway, the main highway in Nepal. The road will get their produce to market faster, fresher, and without bruising!  (I am pleased because I will not be bounced to near death over the previous roads I was while riding on the back of a motorcycle).
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We like to present different aspects of Nepalese life to you.  You might find this documentary, short ‘sweet’ as it is about HONEY.  
No, this is not a honey I have tasted though I have seen highly productive hives in several villages.  Once in the area of Palanchok, one of my successful, wonderful ladies invited me for tea upstairs above her store where she lived.  While sipping tea from the usual stainless steel cup, she offered me and literally shoved a giant tablespoon of honey from her bees in my mouth.  It is the most honey I ever ate in one sitting!  It was good.  She was extremely gleeful to feed me her bee’s production.  Her eyes were sparkling delightedly.    She was honoring me with the gigantic serving of honey.  I did turn down her offer to eat more. 
Dr. Al Sanders 
Board Member Spotlight
Another focus for you is about another of our Board members Dr. Al Sanders, Vice President, who is our longest sitting member. Alvin B. Sanders was born and raised in Pasadena, California. During his teen years of high school and through the first two years of college Al started a landscaping business and continued to build the business. He met Rosalind Russell, Founder of R Star Foundation as first a client. There they began their budding friendship while he was mowing her lawns and trimming her rose bushes.  At 28 years of age, Alvin credits Rosalind with his making the decision to become a chiropractic doctor and go through the grueling years of school ahead. He sold his lucrative landscaping business and graduated in 1994 in California with his family present and Rosalind too.  Al has enjoyed practicing in Arizona ever since.Al and Rosalind never lost touch though she moved to Laguna.  In fact, she introduced him to floating in inner tubes on the languid Lower Salt River at the foot of the Superstition Mountains in Arizona, one of her personal favorite summer events. They continue to float most summers though COVID sadly prevented a float last summer.    Al enjoyed Rosalind’s pursuits to help people to the point he was invited and elected to the Board of Directors. He sees the difference the organization has made.  Since the devastation of the earthquakes in 2015, Al has personally donated more between his busy working life, always ready to lend a hand and knowledge to further the efforts abroad as well as locally.  “Rosalind’s integrity and unselfish work to help others here and abroad inspires me, lifts me to do the added work to be part of the fine volunteer foundation.  I am honored to serve those in need while joined with the fine people of the Board, both Directors and Advisers”.
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