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Just like Mother’s Day, we have the opportunity to directly thank our parents albeit in person or by memory for those who have gone on.  I know for myself, it is a time I enjoy as I recall life with my Dad, the gifts he imbued in me as a child.  Nothing huge, like how to dry my back with the towel after a shower, or how to dive under a big wave and not be crushed or afraid.  My list is endless bringing smiles to my face.  We all have our own experiences and memories which differ from person to person.  What we do know is the value of a Father remains important to families, and that is what we get to celebrate in a few days.

Have you ever thought about gifting your Dad or in memory of him, a goat, or helping women to honor him?  If he wears ties, he has enough.  The same is so for masks during the pandemic.  You might want to consider a different, broader way to gift him or his memory which will serve to help others since dad’s are known helpers?                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

As the Director of R Star, I have been baffled with how to continue the projects we have in Nepal while staying-in-place.  Being at home, how can I get a thing done to forward our efforts halfway around the world when they are shut down more severely than we?  How can I bring interest to our projects and update our donors?  I suggest most Foundations have been struggling with these same matters, I am not alone! (Is there anyone who knows how to do a virtual fundraiser who would like to help us as that would be a benefit to help us be ready when we open as a world?  I only know to ask.)

Our local papers have been gracious and generous to R Star’s work through the years by offering updates to interest you.  R Star has been published often to share what we are doing which helps inform those who are interested, following us and who support us. From a recent publication about R Star, we have had volunteers step forward to keep us going right now during the long shut-in time!  YIPPEE!

Mike K of RSM, formally of Laguna, contacted me and literally delivered the needed material for making the Personal Pad Solution, (PPS’s), absorbent filler with microfiber towels.  We have the ability to make over 2000 of the pads because of him, one donor.

How about another incredible action in place right now while we are on lockdown?  Beth J of Laguna Beach is cutting the microfiber for over 2000 PPS’s!  She has obtained electric shears to simplify the massive cutting she is doing.  Already she is credited with cutting patterns out for over 150 PPS’s which were already picked up and are ready for delivery.

We are lightly for the time, slowed with the sewing of the pads in group gatherings, but we have individuals inquiring about sewing.  Interested?  Contact us.                                                                       

Because Nepal remains on a far more severe lockdown than we have, nothing is continuing with our other needed projects at this time in Nepal.  The rural areas are struggling, even produce is far less available, and they are the growers!  This is the planting and growing season, not harvest time.  In Kathmandu, there is a time between 6 am & 8 am to go to the temporary markets on foot, no vehicles.  We are fortunate not to have such restrictive movements.

Only 11 days ago were the children able to return to ‘classes’, all online as our children have here.  The weeks before schooling returned, most of the children were in their village homes learning how to plant in semi-secured gardens, (see the short video below), the old tin shacks are being torn down and materials used as the fences to protect the plants and children from the endangered tigers whose population doubled since the quakes of 2015. 

The children are working on their parent’s smartphones for their school lessons or if lucky, on a home computer in their city homes of Kathmandu.  Their exercise remains limited because no one is allowed out, which is of concern to us for their growing bodies. 
Our rural school remains closed and doesn’t have internet capability, but the teachers are teaching by going to each child’s home to keep learning in action.

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