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Thinking of You, Our Awesome Donors and Volunteers,
The R Star Foundation Board sends you our greetings and Namaste with wishes for your health and emotional well-being during this most interesting of times we face with the world. We are in general, isolating and washing our hands frequently while managing our joyful nature, continues.  Lifting others elevates our own health during these trying days.  Lifting others is a great way to support our beings and avoid stress which kills.      
Rosalind Russell, Founder and CEO, is isolating, yet remains active with the work going on in Nepal daily. She is staying in touch via the phone and email.  Nepal is experiencing many similar things as many here in the USA regarding the fear range, the uncertainty, the unknown.   
We know you worry about our children, our precious villagers and our projects. Thus far, things continue forward and are doing well. However, the people are a vulnerable population without the advantages of medical care as we have because of their rural lives.
We will keep you posted with how they are and how we are doing to help them remain mentally and emotionally strong.  Thank you for your continued belief in our efforts.  We all send you are finest blessings to what we know will pass.  May it be directly!  Namaste.

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