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Three “old goats,” as executive director of R Star Foundation, Rosalind Russell, calls herself, Dan Laney, and Robin Pierson, all share an interest in R Star and helping the Nepalese improve their economy. The nonprofit R Star provides real live goats and thus income for Nepalese families impoverished by a devastating earthquake two years ago.

But despite their volunteerism for R Star and visits to Nepal, the three hadn’t met. Recently, they did, of all places, at the OC Fair, in the livestock arena (of course), where Dan is an official “goat judge.”

Rosalind and Dan had initially met on Facebook, became friends, and joined together in their respective missions to help Nepal’s economic growth one goat at a time. The two finally met in Kathmandu in late December 2016.

Dan recently taught the women of R Star’s village better ways of caring for their animals’ health and wellbeing. He is also teaching the Livestock Department of Nepal how to instruct the villagers.

Nearly a decade ago, Laguna Beach’s Robin Pierson, a former journalist, offered her writing expertise as a volunteer for R Star. She has twice traveled to teach at the Top of the World in

Nepal, a school R Star built and runs with an attendance of 60 Wojethar village children.

To promote their work, during her last visit to Nepal, Robin wrote about Dan’s goat training for the villagers. But because Dan lives in northern California, she interviewed him on the telephone, and they never met.









L-R, Rosalind Russell, Dan Laney, and Robin Pierson finally meet at the OC Fair

Rosalind said, “The meeting was simply fun, filled with laughter with goats bah bah-ing in the background, with the smells of the sweet straw on the judging floor flooding our nostrils. It was like old home week in the barn, not like Nepal at all.”

“The gathering was fun and educational as we watched and listened to Dan award the goat winners for their stock,” added Robin.

The three agreed to meet up in Nepal to continue efforts to assist the lives of the Nepalese. The Nepalese are still crippled by the severe home losses suffered during the quakes over two years ago, and these three are doing all they can to help.

In the meantime, they were grateful to meet in person in California, quite a contrast to Nepal.

R Star is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers and generous donors.

For more information, contact Rosalind@RStarFoundation.org or call: 949 497 4911. www.RStarFoundation.org