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Happy 4th of July!  
We are lucky to have the opportunity to celebrate our freedom, our country. Celebrate we should.

In Nepal they do not have the freedoms we are fond of, most especially since the earthquakes over 2 years back which continue to render the countries rural people in horrific living conditions.  The villagers are struggling through another monsoon season without housing beyond maybe, a tin shed/hut which doesn’t prevent inclement weather or rodents from entering.  The villagers have little protection from the weather let alone increasing numbers of human predators and the ever present cobras and tigers. Few of us can relate to being hot, wet and unprotected for a day let alone over 2 years.

The attached photo depicts what we are doing to bring about income to rebuild their homes. Organic farming  in greenhouses produces year round growing opportunities beyond their usual agricultural endeavors.  With the cash from their organic crops, they can rebuild their homes and eat better too.  We of R Star have yet to receive $17 million to rebuild the homes destroyed in the quakes for our villages. (approximately $10,000 a home with an animal pen included, Western toilets which convert the waste to bio gas for cooking and lighting, 2 bedrooms and a living room with kitchen).  

There are ways to help the Nepali’s who are suffering beyond their already extensive losses, their harsh reality:  Donate what you can, as you can to help those who do not have the freedom in living as we do have.  Remember your gifts are tax deductible. Thank you for helping us help others!  (You do know your gift is tax deductible; you do know gifting to help others lifts you to more joy, try it as you will like it).