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Certainly we of all wish 2017 to be a major improvement for Nepal and always for you, too.  Those we support suffer beyond any words I know to share with you, especially at this happy season we are in.

People are living in the winter with the thinnest of shelters, many insufficient to protect them from jackal or tiger attacks or roaming marauders who violently steal gold right off the women; rape is the newest terror for the women as they have no protection or safe structures to protect them.  Sadly the embargo a year ago increased suicides by ‘’10 times” indicating the hopelessness, the vulnerability and no hope.  This is the grim reality.

The good news is present too.  Our villagers are faring better than other villagers in the “hope” area of life.  They are floundering in a few ways, but encouraged because they know they are supported by all of us, prayed for, for their lives by our caring, by our actions to help.  Love lifts them is what they have shared with me when we Skype and other communication forms we use for continual updates.

The newest program to R Star for our villagers is organic greenhouse farming is a definite hit!  We are doing our finest to furnish everyone with a greenhouse to supplement their incomes to build their homes as the funds arrive.

The school children now number 60, are doing exceptionally well as so of their dedicated teachers regardless of being under a tin roof and tarp sidings.  We do have much to be grateful for with hopes for increased improvement.  We await the engineers to approve rebuilding the school which to date has been an arduous task yet to be fulfilled.

I am in Nepal at this time.  It is tough to see the devastation; to know of those I have known who died; the needs of the people not only in our villages, but within the country.  Rebuilding is far slower than hoped for or needed since homes protect and give security to the families.  Building is hindered by weather, adequate supplies as well as workers with the skills.  This year the monsoons were longer than usual making the roads unpassable to bring in the building supplies for those who can afford them.

Our attention to the many places in our world with horrific losses to overcome shows there is much to be done.  With R Star you are aware of our work and R Star’s being consistently present for a people who have not recovered their lives for 20 months.  Unfathomable to imagine, but the truth.

We are happy to have you contact us with any questions or comments about what is going on in Nepal with any of our projects; how we are helping; where the needs are.

We all know it is the time of year organizations, 501©3’s request your financial support.  My sweet Board insists I state this is a perfect time to donate for your 2016 tax exemptions.  Regardless of my knowing you know what December offers you as well as many of you have already gifted funds to us this year.  Make a donation today by clicking HERE

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Again, Happy New Year with thanks for all you do and have done!

Rosalind Russell