We know you will have a “Goat” Christmas holiday season!

We wish you only the finest of holidays.

Did you know you can fill a child’s holiday stocking in Nepal with a Kindle?  We know how reading exposes children to the world as well as increasing their abilities to learn.  We ask for gifts of Kindles to expand our school children at Top of the World – Nepal elementary school which we built and continue to run. R Star loads the Kindles with European and American classics which broadens the students in English as well as treating them to the pleasures of reading.  Gift it in the name of a child to teach them about the world too.

If you wish to do even more, an Organic produce Greenhouse can be purchased to help families rebuild their devastated home lost in the earthquakes in 2015. Few homes have been restored which exposes the elderly, women and children to illness, tigers and cobra attacks as well as 2 legged predators.  The cost of a greenhouse is $450, but you can determine what you can do to fit your budget. Gift it in the name of a loved one.

Yes, we continue with the original goat projects as we began in 2003.  We have many wonderful ways to help those forgotten in Nepal by media and most charities to restore their lives. A pregnant goat for the last time is $200 which includes ear tags, delivery, veterinary care, training and care and microfinancing for each group of 25 women of all castes.  Our goat program has been and is, highly successful.

Join with us where and how you can as you help us with now the world’s 2nd poorest country in the world.  Note: Seldom do you hear of what goes on with Nepal since the initial quakes.  Life has been harsh!

Help us help them.

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THANK YOU for your holiday gifts and support.  We do wish you the finest of holidays all the way from Nepal.   Be the gift.  You can donate right HERE!

Blessings upon you and yours,   Rosalind