HORROR STORIES and Sweetness

         Scary HALLOWEEN is upon us!
Greetings to you all!  What a wonderful time of year to play with costumes, go to parties and scaring each other as well as eating candy!  Did you know it is estimated we all eat 27 spiders in our lifetime?   You can eat more if you choose.

Not to take you away from what we get to do this time of year withgoblin’s & witches, the scary part of Halloween, life continues inscary ways in Nepal.

You may know we began a program to assist rebuilding the needed homes in our villages, greenhouses.  The government and other agencies haven’t been able in the last 18 months to rebuild the homes lost, over 96% in all of Nepal, 600,000 homes lost.  Our program to help rebuild homes: Organic Farming structures we bring to our 50 villages, one at a time until those in need have a way to earn additional funds to re-establish their homes.  The organic farming greenhouses provide added income to the families with higher priced products, at this time, tomatoes.  They will harvest at least 4 crops a year if not 5.   The funds the families earn go directly to rebuilding their homes which provide security to them as you can imagine.  Living in tents and shacks Hasn’t protected them from the recent monsoons or the plentiful tigers, cobras and evil thieves and rapists.  Pretty scary when you give thought to it, right?  It is a horror story for villagers.
Short video of our greenhouse project  in its 4th crop in less than a year

Perhaps you will consider a gift to us during this sweet season to help those in more need than media shares with us, which is nothing?  Though we have much devastation going on in our world, right here in the USA, Nepal has not had relief for a year and a half, subjected to harsher living than generally endured, harsher than anything we know in our lives. Scary!

Another way to help, perhaps you have a Kindle you will offer us for our school children? Yes, it can be used if fully operational, new works too. Volunteers program the Kindles.   My upcoming journey, November 15th, I will take the gifted Kindles with me to add to the classroom enhancement which increases students English abilities as well as bringing literature of Europe & America to them, broadening their world.  Our children continue to study under tin roofs & tarp sidings, but joyful to be in school as they excel in their studies, regardless of the rugged conditions.  Imagine what a Kindle can do for them? 

Additionally, we reach to you for American Express points, either travel or the rewards.  Why?  The points are a tax deduction to you and they keep our funds for our projects!  Click here to gift the points:  http://amex.justgive.org/nonprofits/donate.jsp?ein=83-0442006
Remember, we are all volunteers which we invite you to be one also .  Our overhead is low and our actions are highly successful which makes a difference for the villagers we help because we remain mindful of every gift received going to our projects.  You know our work or can by calling us or emailing us, even go to our website: www.RStarFoundation.org  We invite your help to help! https://fundraiser.processdonation.org/Fundraiser/donate.aspx?fid=9I4HE6375C

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