Request for American Express donations

 U R G E N T!  R Star needs your help

 R Star’s aim has always been to keep our funds for our projects.  With our low overhead and everyone working as a volunteer, we do a right fine job.

 R Star is traveling to Nepal in early November to continue our work.  Here is how you can help us:  Do you have any kind of “points” from American Express which you can donate to us?  Either cash rewards or travel points work.  You get a write off for your gift of any size. Here is the direct link to gift us points.

 Please assist us so we can do more in the quake devastated country of Nepal.  Their needs have not lessened in the year and a half since the quakes wiped out 600,000 homes, 17,000 in our villages. Learn more of our work at: or call us at 949 497 4911.  We are a 501C(3) charity.

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