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R Star Foundation has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Lacewings Foundation, founded by Laguna’s own Mary Williams, to support the efforts of R Star during the Nepal crisis, nearing two months now.

“We are so pleased to partner with the Lacewings Foundation to continue with support for women and children, all villagers of ours affected by the earthquakes in Nepal,” states Executive Director, Rosalind Russell. “We are delighted and grateful.”

R Star rerouted from the goat gifting/micro-financing it is known for since April 25, when the first devastating earthquake hit, and again as the situation worsened with the second large quake on May 12.

Within three days following the first quake, R Star was delivering food and temporary shelters to the three worst hit areas among R Star’s 48 villages. All villages were contacted within the week.

R Star’s Top of the World – Nepal school reopened on June 9, though not in the school building: they have to make do under tarps. Even though the building is the only one still standing in Wojethar village, critical repairs are necessary before being able to safely resume classes indoors.

Russell reports that engaging the children in meaningful studies following the programs dealing directly with their trauma, is crucial to their well-being. The myriad of educational and recreational activities offered at the TOW-N school help the children to re-engage in life.

“It is the organization’s goal to help the young students remain active and vibrant, to keep learning and be intellectually vital, which certainly helps the parents as well, “ she said. “The TOW-N school program has become integral to our programs, and R Star remains committed to restoring the lives of the 30,000 villagers with housing, medical and other needs – with collaborations and donors.”

For 12 years R Star has enhanced the lives of the villagers and children through programs and services that promote self worth, independence, wellness, peace and community. R Star began working in rural neglected villages in late 2003, and is now credited with over 15,000 goats gifted, the TOW-N school, water wells, skilled training, and adult literacy classes. The programs will resume once satisfactory housing can be built in this time of crisis.

Please visit the website of R Star’s at: www.RStarFoundation.org for added information or call 949.497.4911.