Wonderful Win for Nepali Women by R Star

Wonderful Win for Nepali Women by R Star

StuNews Laguna Beach, 2/7/20

                             Wonderful win for Nepali women 

as a result of R Star Foundation’s efforts 

By Rosalind Russell, Director of R Star Foundation

I returned from Nepal eleven months ago. While there, I learned much more about what the immediate needs of the women are. My interest was piqued by “pads.” As a result, we are starting a new initiative, calling it “Personal Pad Solutions,”to help the female population during their menstrual cycles. This is, obviously, not a common topic of conversation, nonetheless a necessary one.

Rural women do not normally use feminine hygiene pads, which is just as well, as there is no trash pickup in Nepal. Because this is the case, diseases could breed in the refuse and animals could mistakenly eat the discarded pads and suffer from internal distress or, potentially, die. The women currently use weeds, which can be bug-and-germ-infested, or dirty rags during their periods. It is no wonder they and their newborn babies all too often develop infections. They need help.

I learned about “washable,” reusable, comfortable pads by searching on YouTube, where I discovered how such pads are made. Obviously, I can’t make enough for the women on my own. However, I was invited to a Young Women’s meeting at the Aliso Viejo Latter Day Saints (LDS) Church on January 29 to make an appeal for their help with making the pads for distribution to our needy Nepali village women. 

Young women’s meeting at Aliso Viejo Latter Day Saints Church

I was shocked when I walked into the meeting room to find that the pads were already being made! I wasn’t expecting such immediate action. The patterns were already constructed, the absorbent materials were being cut, eight sewing machines were whizzing productively, and laughter and convivial chatting filled the air! About 100 pads were constructed, with more to follow as the women of the church felt more and more connected to the needs of my dear Nepali women.

When I left, two of the women in leadership quietly presented me with a framed quote for my office, which reads “Seek, Love, Serve,” with little hearts abounding. My own heart was and is filled and my spirits have been buoyed by the efforts of these young women to serve my dear Nepali women.

R Star continues gifting goats, facilitating microfinancing, and providing a myriad of other successful projects to lift 51 villages in Nepal – over 44,000 people. If you are interested in R Star’s work and wish to help, go to www.RStarFoundation.org for more information. R Star is also on Facebook at @RStarFoundation and can also be reached by phone at (949) 497-4911 (no texts, please), or by email at RStar@pacbell.net

R Star Foundation is an all-volunteer organization, no one is paid, including director Rosalind Russell. R Star is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all donations are tax-deductible.