We are Still on the Move!!

We are Still on the Move!!

Dear and Wonderful Donors,
Thank you for your patience to hear about our actions,  our work and our ongoing efforts in Nepal.  With COVID plaguing us, the holidays barely over, we felt you would appreciate our silence while doing your own regrouping. 
Our focus is about our continuing successes in Nepal with Rabindra, my Nepali son who adopted me, and guiding us well, regardless of COVID’s impact continuing.   Please Donate – Click Here

update you?       Our many followers followed the actions about R Star.  We have news to share as we continue 2021.  Without question, we have all been challenged by what 2020 presented us, our world.  It mattered not what plans we had as they had to be altered.  As an organization reaching primarily in Nepal and locally too, we knew we had to flex, so we have, several times.   If you like what you read about our past year, with plans for 2021, please let us know, even join us if you wish.
     In summary, this past year was a year to behold.  Most organizations were stumped to stopped.  R Star has continued forward getting projects prepared and readied for shipment with the help and dedication of our volunteers and Board.  Work continues in our rural areas in spite of the lockdown requirements even though not as we prefer nor as would serve Nepali villagers better.  The point is, we are still in movement and proud of it. 

We of R Star remain entirely optimistic for 2021! Remember, you can do your usual Amazon shopping by going to Smile.Amazon and enter R Star Foundation as the recipient which willn’t cost you anything and will help us immensely.  Shop Amazon Smile Here

     Your continued support is why we are STILL ON THE MOVE.  Thank you, thank you!
     Many of you ask us what are our needs for those we serve? Here are a few things we need:

A round trip ticket(s) to Nepal; goats $200 for a female, $275 for a male; student tuition at $100 a year, includes books, paper, pens, (even though the school remains closed and cannot be virtual because there isn’t any Wi-Fi in our rural areas), our teachers and principal gather 5 children to teach each day; we would like contacts for future presentations(when COVID is subdued); you can host a fundraiser from dinner to lunch to … (?), again after COVID; ideas to grow our services; volunteer grant writers, someone to lead us through a ‘virtual’ fundraiser, connections to corporations to fund our efforts, general donations.   

     Your support has brought us to where we are.  We can continue and do more with help.
     Have no doubt, We Do Make A HUGE Difference for Nepal’s Women & Children, and you are why.

January 2021, we are pleased to report donations are coming in already as well as a $500 grant from Network, and a $1000 grant from Soroptimist International- Laguna Beach.     We are off and MOVING while the world heals and adjusts.  We have been gifted by Monarch Beach Sunrise Rotary club, brand-new in the packages, school uniforms which only need to be shipped.  
     Happy 2021!  May you all remain well and go forward with joy and delight all of 2021.  After all, it will soon be Valentine’s Day!
Thank you! 
Rosalind and R Star’s Board, Kim , Dr. Al, Michaela , Linda, Sandy, and Siddhartha.
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