R Star’s Easter/Spring newsletter is HOPPING along to you sweet as candy HAPPY EASTER! HAPPY SPRING! HAPPY HAPPY EVERYTHING!

R Star’s Easter/Spring newsletter is HOPPING along to you sweet as candy HAPPY EASTER! HAPPY SPRING! HAPPY HAPPY EVERYTHING!

As we hop about more happily with Covid-19 restrictions being removed, others continue to struggle in ways we cannot imagine.  We can spring up by remembering others who will be lifted by our keen spirit to help. Life is not as grand for many people as we can create for ourselves, Covid -19 or not. We can extend our help and our support in many different ways which will truly add to our own personal joys while lifting another as that is how it works when we help others.
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Ready to hop to it?  Let us show you a way you might wish to HOP with a story about our successes in Nepal inspite of Covid-19 shutting Nepal down.

“Yahoo! The large two and half years Road improvement project is completed despite the pandemic and economic troubles by closing us down! I am so happy”, states Rabin, who heads our efforts in Nepal!
The below photo shows the IRON HORSE we use to access the rural villages.  The road is more than double the size it was and without ruts, dust, mud holes, boulders and oncoming traffic to greet us on the past impassable roads.  Produce can now get to market faster and fresher with a better profit margin. Buses will deliver passengers with more safety and comfort because of the newly built road too.  All this during the year shutdown.  Thank you Rabin for your perseverance to keep things going all the way to completion for the sake of so many, including our comfort to oversee our villagers and access their needs.  
The Iron Horse sits on the side of the newly built rural road we travel on frequently.  Typically, drains are on the sides of the road. These will be cleaned out to allow for the proper flow during the monsoon fast flows.  
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It all helps us help others.
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Here is another success story to share with you:

What we call our PPS, Personal Pad Solution kits have been completed.  We await only, travelers who will transport them personally with a single drop off place in Kathmandu.  IF you are traveling to Nepal, or friends you know, please, please contact us directly.  We cannot use a commercial source of transport due to the extreme cost.  Additionally, theft does occur and confiscation can be done by the government too, or a tax imposed more than the cost of what we have to deliver.  We do personal couriers who ‘volunteer’ to transport what they can in their suitcases.  Travel has opened up for Nepal, we invite you to assist us deliver these needed kits to keep girls in school and dignity for all women during their natural cycles.  Here is what our kits look like, but with ‘6’ more ready to use pads than shown. We depicted one pad folded to ‘go’, and the other as would be worn in their panties which we give 2 pairs in each kit, a total of 8 pads and an instruction sheet along with carry in bag and a carry out all in a large bag for initial delivery of each kit.  Every item has been donated, and all the cutting and sewing given by volunteers.  Even assembling the kits is being done as this goes to print, by volunteers.
Put a SPRING in your step by helping!  
Yell it out to others like this bunny!      
You can help too by volunteering in fun ways, perhaps, having some of your interested friends over to ‘chat’ with me now that we are opening up from Covid-19 restrictions more and more.  Those gathered will learn about our successes which continue, and the needs of our villages.  

Gatherings do not need to be galas, simple is more attainable and more personal.  Maybe you are in a club which would welcome a presentation from us you’re willing to connect us to?

Connections are amazing forms of help, and they do not cost personal funds.  Perhaps you are a techy with computer knowledge and a few hours to share? 

There are many ways to help us help others including gifting funds.  What I know for sure, whatever you choose will put a spring in your step, a hop in your walk!

Please repost, print and share our postings in full or in part wherever you deem appropriate as this adds to being more visible!

Happy Easter and Many Thanks from R Star