R Star Foundation remains in action amid COVID-19

R Star Foundation remains in action amid COVID-19


                                                  Volume 12, Issue 92  |  November 17, 2020

Guest Column

R Star Foundation remains in action amid COVID-19

By Rosalind Russell, founder and CEO of R Star Foundation 

Here is a bit of an account on what is happening regardless of COVID-19.

R Star continues producing handmade feminine pads thanks to the efforts of our volunteers. Over 1,000 kits are ready to ship. Once the Nepal borders are fully reopened, our couriers will deliver the kits to Patan Rotary Club, whose members will distribute them – with training – to our village females. The how-to-pattern will be included so the women can make their own, even go into business for villages we do not serve, which is an income producing business. This is a great thing for our women. 

Paving the rural roads, which are now doubled in size, continues, though slowly. The same is true of the water to the homes project – slow, but still in movement, which means success. The slowness has to do with COVID-19 restrictions, as the municipality offices that do the inspections and provide materials are closed. 

R Star benches

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Teachers, Principal Jitu, and Rabin

With COVID-19 testing more available in Nepal, more people are testing positive. Many have yet to learn how social distancing works to help them and not wearing masks hinders them too. With the biggest holiday in the past – Dashain – celebrating was different for everyone. Generally, everyone goes about visiting beyond families but not this year. Their next big holiday – Tihar – began the 14th of this month and holds the same restrictions for gathering. The world is restrained, and human contact is certainly limited.

The Nepalese are a hearty people. This isn’t to say they aren’t suffering as we have witnessed. Food isn’t as available as before because of restrictions to travel from one village to another. China is in the process of literally redirecting so much water from Nepal, little will reach India, which is dependent upon it. Warring will ensue, which, of course, is less than agreeable for a better life anywhere in the world.

R Star children

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 Before COVID-19, children lined up and ready to learn

Our children are not allowed to attend school. Our teachers go door-to-door gathering up to five children to continue their education which is held outside. However, it is not as convenient or all-encompassing as it was following the earthquakes 5.5 years ago, which we thought to be miserable for the children yet now it is worse!

We want to bring educational learning toys and books to the children. We are thinking if you wish to help, perhaps you can gift us the toy cost you would give your child? Overall, we can purchase the same educational toy in Nepal in your name. Let us know. Your help and your interest make a difference. 

To know more of what we do and who we are, visit our website: www.RStarFoundation.org. A donor site is available with our recent newsletter.  We cannot do what we do so well without the support of you!

To contact us by mail, send to: PO Box 4183, Laguna Beach, CA 92652; by phone, call (949) 497-4911; by email: Rosalind@RStarFoundation.org.