R Star Foundation hits the road running in Nepal – now that the road is built

R Star Foundation hits the road running in Nepal – now that the road is built

The following is a reprinted article appearing in StuNews Laguna Beach, March 23, 2021. Click here for the full article.

R Star Foundation reports that its Nepali projects continue forward apace with the conclusion of the huge road-building project it entered some two-and-a-half years ago. 

“Rabindra, our right-hand man in Nepal, shared his delight that the project has concluded successfully,” R Star founder Rosalind Russell says. “He’s been an active part of the project since its early days. In his excitement, he reminded me how our own ride on the ‘Iron Horse’ – a motorcycle, our mode of transportation – would be far easier. 

“In the past, we traveled over dusty, sometimes muddy, rut-riddled, boulder-compromised sections of village access roads which were additionally quite narrow. Even on a motorcycle, pulling off the road was necessary when a bus or truck approached. We always got a thick coating of dust as vehicles passed, which penetrated my mask.” 

Rabindra is thrilled with the newly-built road

Now bus rides for the villagers are much more comfortable, because they won’t be bounced and joggled for an hour or longer on the previously inadequate road, breathing in dust and otherwise having a challenging trip. This, says Russell, is thanks to the government kicking in some of the “earthquake” funds the world gave for upgrades to help the beleaguered villages and villagers who were hit the hardest in 2015, including Kavre, a focus of R Star’s outreach.

“Our villages are all rural agricultural farmlands,” Russell explains. “Now produce can easily get to market far fresher and without bruising. Vehicles are not damaged by the dirt, rocks, mud holes, and dust in places more than 12 inches deep on the roads. What an improvement all the way around!” 

A smoother ride for motorbikes

The road, she says, lifts the struggling economy in agricultural areas and increases profits for the landowners – a thrilling win-win situation.

“For me, it means my derriere won’t be beaten or my gizzards harshly wiggled out of place now that there are new, improved, double-wide roads with drainage canals,” Russell adds. ”Previously, I took a beating traveling to the villages. No more!” 

R Star is currently assembling 1,000 PPS kits (Personal Pad Solutions, to help with periods and enuresis) and readying them to ship to Nepal via personal volunteer couriers. Russell is hoping that if people are traveling to Nepal, they would be willing to allocate a small space in their luggage to transport a few soft kits to an easy Kathmandu drop-off. The Nepali borders are open to traveling at this time.

R Star is currently assembling PPS kits for rural Nepalese women

“We are incredibly grateful we are able to continue with mighty and needed projects during COVID-19. We are feeling blessed, so are those we serve in Nepal feeling blessed…and it is all because of you, our supporters, followers, donors, and incredible volunteers,” Russell says.

She suggests using SmileAmazon to select R Star Foundation to benefit from your purchases, at no cost to you.

“There are many ways to lift and help R Star. Help us help others! Spring to it!” she urges.