Update from Rosalind Russell on trip to Nepal:

Namaste!  Before departing my intention was to give an update.  This is not the update I expected to give you. Around September 21st, an informal embargo was imposed on Nepal by India who is not shipping fuels, cooking and transportation fuels, across the border to Nepal. Nepal is a ‘land locked’ country, dependent upon goods…

Yonsei helps Rstar!

Successful Fundraiser! Now on to Nepal trip.

We had a great fundraiser event at Ileana’s tea party last weekend. Rosalind Russell is getting ready to venture to Nepal to meet with R Star villages! Here’s some pictures with Rosalind, Betsy, Tessa, Kaylee and Anna.  

Nepal Ileana Tea September 20, 2015

Please donate here: Detail invite of our 9th Annual Ileana Poolside Tea Nepal Fundraiser:

R Star Foundation awarded grant from Lacewings

R Star Foundation has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Lacewings Foundation, founded by Laguna’s own Mary Williams, to support the efforts of R Star during the Nepal crisis, nearing two months now. “We are so pleased to partner with the Lacewings Foundation to continue with support for women and children, all villagers of…

What is R Star? Back to the roots

R Star Foundation began by a happenstance meeting in Durber Square, Kathmandu, Nepal, between an 11-year-old boy, Rabin, and Rosalind Russell in 1988. They stayed in touch over the years, and met again 15 years later at which time the R Star Foundation began its journey and mission of ‘women helping women and children in…

Update from StuNews

July 31, 2015 StuNews Local Foundation, R Star, still committed to saving thousands in Nepal following earthquakes R Star Foundation, and their Women Helping Women & Children in Nepal, continues to make a difference in 48 villages following the earthquakes that began major destruction last April. “Because of individuals who believe in our work –…

The Top of the World – Nepal School REOPENED June 2.

The Top of the World – Nepal School REOPENED this week! As you can see, not in the severely damaged school building, but under tarps. The children are excited to be back in school. We know school distracts the children from their harsh lives with the monsoons arriving by being in classes. It assists the…

Photo update of R Star aid reaching Nepali Villages

Every donation goes straight to the people that need it. Please donate now. Here you can see the destruction which is prominent in many areas East of Kathmandu and in lots of the villages where R Star has done work. These photos include our field coordinator and manager Rabin caring for a 95 year old…

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Nepal quake flyer