Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

We have all been patient and we sure are ready for our lives to be cheery and freer than we have otherwise been held to with so many restrictions.  And, we still survive hopefully assisting a cure while we unselfishly mask up?  
As many of you have read on the Christmas card we posted to you we have with land address, “2020 has been a year to behold.  We had to wear gloves and masks in the summer and it continues” as I write an update to you.  (email us your land address if you didn’t get a Christmas card from us, and we will gladly send you a card as it is not too late).
 We have all managed to maintain joy and happiness even with the stay-home requirements to assist in what has not been halted thus far regarding COVID.  Joy is always available, but my, we have been challenged heavily!  How compliant we are and hopeful too.  We want you all well and healthy.
What I shall share with you is how are we going forward with the work we have in Nepal which you have supported in one way or another. How are we doing anything with most things shut down since March?    

How about our brief 12 month accounting of our movement in the TIMELINE we keep to update you?

R Star’s 2020 Timeline, quite different than expected, but in movement, regardless:

January Rosalind presented to Monarch Bay Sunrise Rotary which wishes to have us join for a Rotary Global Grant for $30,000Water project begins after 3 years of negotiating to bring water directly to the village homes which changes the villager’s lives, including privately showering rather than publically as done before.  This is HUGE, and it also means animals will be watered far better because of easier access which won’t need to be carried inThough not a grant writer, Rosalind submits a grant a month (anyone interested in helping us write grants)?

FEBRUARY Art presented by Also Viejo LDS Young women who are making Personal Pads! They love our efforts as we love their helping handsA lovely evening was shared with the young women as a presentation was offeredJewelry Party by Gorjana  Laguna Beach, 19% of sales donated to R Star Feb. 12th, 12-2 pm, brought in some welcome funds 
Grant submitted, small grants arrived from Amazon and PayPal

MARCH Large road project begins in Kavre. Grading and paving add ease to getting products out for better market prices and freshnessMost people in KTM return to their villages as businesses and schools begin shutting downPersonal Pad Solution begins officially with the LDS Young Women’s Group providing everything, labor included at a group gatheringR Star’s literacy classes resume by collaboration with RotaryCOVID  Nepal is shut down without ability to get in or out of the countryGrant submitted with small grants arriving each month

APRIL Our school, TOW-N (on the 22nd’closed as so of all Nepalese schoolsCommunication has been limited in rural areas because there is no WIFI connectivityTo access KTM, citizens are semi smuggled in and out by vegetable trucks making deliveriesThe Road Work continues decently though it is harder to get the suppliesThe water to the homes continues with digging the troughs for the pipingCOVID testing is generally not availableFood has become sparse as this is not the harvest timeTeaching the TOW-N school children in rural areas can’t be done, but the teachers are going door to door which started late AprilGrant submitted, but only smallish grants are arriving

MAY Literacy classes were stopped until COVID is declared overThe Road work has been shut downThe water project has been closedSchools reopen in KTM, so villagers are departing for the sake of their children’s education because rural schools are not reopened
Grant submitted, small grants arriving from PayPal and Amazon

JUNE With lockdown continuing, nothing much is being done in Nepal other than further hardship for the people and countryPeople are without enough food suppliesRabin and his friends are delivering basic food needs to villagers as food becomes availableA cookie project, Nabisco manager who is a friend of Rabin’s, donated enough cookies for a single village to lift the spirits of the elderly and the childrenR Star in the USA continues with the Personal Pad Solution with one woman, Beth J doing the pattern cutting and others donating fabrics including our own Board member, SiddR Star is actively working with Rotary Patan So and Rotary Monarch Sunrise on a promising grant which will go for drinking water in the Single Women’s in the municipality of Nomo BuddhaThe Sanitation Station remains in the works for Wojetar, but progress is slow due to COVID slowing or eliminating communication by those involved to get the project underwayGrant submitted, small grants arriving from PayPal and Amazon

JULY A Rotary Global Grant draft has been created to submit to Rotary which has been approved in NepalThe Personal Pad Solution project has one woman, Marilynn, woman doing the sewing.  Nothing can be delivered to Nepal at this time, but we will be ready when the borders openThe instructions are being created by Sandy on our Board to enclose in our kitsGrant submitted, small grants arriving from PayPal and Amazon

AUGUST Research to locate kit bags, also small bags and cotton panties has begun to complete the kitsGrant submitted, small grants arriving from PayPal and Amazon

SEPTEMBER Cynthia S has located a company which donated 1000 drawstring bags for our kits Our road work remains slowed as so of getting water to the village homes of 20 of our villages.  One day the municipality offices are open, the next they are closedGrant submitted, small grants arriving from PayPal and Amazon

OCTOBER The research to locate smaller bags for the pad kit continues, the panties being the least locatable at this junctureNepal remains locked down though the government is considering opening treks to the top of Mt. Everest for an increased amount of taxationGrant submitted, small grants arriving from PayPal and Amazon

NOVEMBER Nepal is selectively allowing some travel out while their COVID numbers have increased considerablyThe tourist area, hotels and shops, remain empty, killing so many businesses in NepalOur road project and piped water to the homes remains ongoing but again sketchy as to when yet we remain quite optimistic for the end results to appearCyndie S located 1000 small bags to carry out soiled pads.   The Board has determined we need 2 types of bags, one for carrying unused pads, the second for the soiled ones because of the probability the women won’t clean the bags properly thus endangering their health.  Still, no panties locatedGifts were given to 4 of our ‘volunteers’,  by Sidd of our Board, who are doing extreme work for R Star at this time.  Another Board member, Linda wrote each volunteer a personal note beyond what we always send to those helping R Star forward.  Both the lovely gifts, TREES OF LIFE from Nepal made of semi-precious stones and the personal cards have been well received by each volunteer.  This is a first for R Star to actively have our Board members interacting with our volunteersChristmas cards were sent to those we have land addresses.  Labels were created with our Board member Kim.  Additional volunteers for a first time, helped with labeling and stamping each card making the project excellent. The cards began arriving the day after ThanksgivingGrant submitted, small grants arriving from PayPal and Amazon

DECEMBER Neither the Rotary Global Grant has moved forward thus far, nor the water to the homes as expected all due to COVID stopping transportation of materials and the government offices being closed most of the timeThe Sanitation Station with 2 more toilets has not begun though it remains slated and necessary.  With the school closed, it is moot currently but we are sure to get this need filledRoad work is nearly completed with asphalt topping the rural roadsA Facebook fundraiser GIVING TUESDAY was entered which brought in new donors and old for $700.  With COVID, we haven’t raised funds common for us to raise in a yearOur TOW-N elementary school remains closed.  Some of our teachers are going to homes and teaching the children but it isn’t enough.  Online teaching is not available in our rural schoolsWe have requested donors to consider gifting funds to us to purchase educational toys for our school children as they truly have nothingNearing 500 Christmas cards were personally written and sent to our military serving abroad, something we do each year for our militaryGrant submitted, small grants arriving from PayPal and AmazonAll IRS letters are currently up to date for the gifting year of 2020 

In summary, this has been a year to behold.  Most organizations have been stumped to stopped.  R Star has continued forward getting things prepared and readied for shipment.  Work continues in our rural areas inspite of the lockdown requirements, even though not as we prefer nor as would serve Nepali villagers better.  The point is, we are in movement and proud of remaining entirely optimistic for the year ahead!  Nepal needs the help and we remain willing with the help and support you offer us.

We are requesting those of you interested to offer an educational toy you would gift the child/children in your life.  We will make the purchase of what YOU suggest through a store in Nepal.  The children have so little for entertainment let alone education.  Imagine their happy faces with what you offer.  

We of R Star, our Board of Directors and Advisors, all wish you the finest holidays possible as you choose to celebrate.  

We THANK YOU for all you have done for us this year and in years past. 

We go forward because of you!

A Goaty and Happy Season to you with our continued blessings all the way through 2021!