We in the USA have wonderful advantages built into our system.  We are additionally LUCKY because the bias’ have been and are being removed, albeit slowly, but removed.  This is hardly the case in the world where developing country folk reside.  I tell you true, we are LUCKY!

R Star has always aimed to help the females as they are neglected beyond measure, even to earlier deaths.  Though we aim at females, we are automatically lifting the males too, as that is how it works.  Lift women and you lift the men automatically, and the children, too.
            Read this collected data on females:
Birth: The 3 deadliest words around the world?
Yes, it’s shocking that just having XX chromosomes is a death sentence in many parts of the world as the United Nations estimate up to 200 million girls are “missing.”

And even if baby girls are given life, their journey just to adolescence is awful. Here’s a global snapshot:

Every 3 seconds, a girl is forced to marry.
1 out of every 5 girls becomes a mother before her 18th birthday.
In 2018, 140,000 girls were infected with HIV – triple the number of boys.
1 out of every 10 girls is raped (or forced to sexual act).
Every 10 minutes, a girl dies from a violent act.
      The good news is that we can change this!

The United Nations designated the 11th of October, as the Day of the Girl. And you and I can do 3 simple things:

1. Be informed about the real lives of girls.
2. Value and support girls in your life and your community.
3. Amplify a new message about girls: Yay! It’s a Girl.
  Revealing, is it not?
Our Nepal work to share with you is bound to bring a smile to your face and big hearts
We have begun more literacy classes for the women.The literacy classes have resumed and will expand until everyone can read and write.  The classes are at night following a laborious day in the fields, yet the women are willing and anxious.  Knowing how to read and write changes their lives giving them the ability to support their families. 
The ladies are tireless when it comes to learning what was never considered important just because being born a girl.  The classrooms are nothing we know, yet the ladies feel LUCKY for the opportunity and proudly learn.

 (Here you see the grading machine beginning the ginormous process)


Grading a village road accessing 6 of our villages will come to conclusion in a few months. The names of the villages about to have full road access are: Khampuri, Devhumi, Shera, Ojetar, Bedabari, and Karkatar.  The newly implemented road will connect the agricultural area to the Arniko Highway, the main highway in Nepal which will get their produce to market faster, fresher and without bruising!  I am pleased because I will not be bounced to near death over the previous roads I was on the back of a motorcycle.  (The barrels hold asphalt for paving)

       Rabin is heading the grading and paving going right to and through the villages.  It is a mighty and great project.  LUCKY villagers!

Our various other projects and initiatives continue well.  The CoronaVirus19 does bring in a new set of issues for the Nepalese who boarder China.  They remain hopeful as our world looks for the abatement and cure too.

We are focusing on what we can do to lift the lives of the Nepalese in our rural villages.  Your help remains the single reason we can do anything.  If you feel you are LUCKY enough to help us at this time, we will celebrate as will the villagers!  I thank you ahead of time.  Thank you for believing in our ongoing work; thank you for your support; thank you for volunteering.  We love you and now we are LUCKY to have you joined with us!