Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Spring has arrived with its refreshing lift from winter and the promise we will be released from lockdown’s restrictions.   We can find continued new ways to enjoy the season and to celebrate the mothers of our world and within our families regardless of what presented.  We have been creative for a long year and will continue to find genuinely great ways to celebrate our life-givers, our precious mom’s. 

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Our work in Nepal has us working directly with mothers many who are single for one reason or another. We start with the poorest single women first. We know when we lift a mother, we lift her entire family as well as the village. 

The Nepali mothers need help to attain stability in their families with a home fit for humans.  Our goat programs with micro-financing have helped the women since we began in 2003.  

A goat is a great gift to remember your mom, to honor moms in our world:  $200 for a pregnant female$275 for a studly male

We request your help in accomplishing helping our over 45,000 villagers by helping one of the women in need.   
Want to be more involved?  Do as you can.  It all helps. A goat is great help.  Dedicate what you choose to do for your mom on Mother’s Day (or to her remembrance) if you like.  

Actions can make positive changes.


Rabindra and his mother, Yogamaya.

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This is exciting news! 
 Our first shipment of our PPS kits, Personal Pad Solution, (washable, reusable pads for girls which allows them to remain in school, and use for all females) has been successfully transported to Nepal.  Rotary Patan So will deliver the kits as they arrive.  They will include training on use and care of the items in the kit along with personal hygiene training.  All during COVID our incredible volunteers have been cutting, sewing, providing materials, putting the kits together.  Nothing has stopped us from movement to lift and help.

We of R Star remain excited about our collaborations and our projects.  We are healthy as we continue our efforts to aide our villagers. I trust you are well. You know we of R Star wish you all health and wellness along with your families. 

Guaranteed, you will feel great doing what you can do to help those you will never meet.
Happy Mother’s Day with blessings galore, 

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