Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

We are lucky to have the opportunity to celebrate our freedom, our country.  Celebrate we MUST as it is a Birthday Party!   We have much to be grateful for even in these COVID times.
What a bang-up time we will all have with the COVID restrictions lightly lifted after more than 3 months of required lockdown and social distancing for our safety.  Naturally, the pandemic reports will increase as we open up to more contact, but thankfully being outside appears to be the safest place to be, even without our masks while distanced! 

Let us celebrate the wonderful birth of our nation, America, unlike any country in our marvelous world.
                             Example of the road work going on

Women prior to COVID

To date, you have helped R Star’s first 6 months to continue forward as if no pandemic exists.  This is amazing!  Our Personal Pad Project continues forward as I speak.  The same donor from last month stepped forward to help with another case of microfiber towels which are used as the absorbing part of the washable, reusable pads.  Thank you, Mike K! 

Our personal ‘cutter’ Beth J nearly fainted when told we had more cutting available for her.  Beth J has cut OVER 2000 microfiber pieces, and around 500 outer pieces of flannel and cotton so far.

Groups are not able to gather to sew together, but through my friend Beth G, we have her mother-in-law, Marilyn ready to do the sewing!  What an undertaking she has before her. 

Several of you wrote to me asking what fabrics were needed for the project?  Flannel.  Retail is $5.99 a yard.  With a good 30% sale or more, the price will be less ($33.60 rather than $48).  Flannels are on sale today at Joann’s!  Anyone wishing to buy a bolt of print flannel (8 yards) is grandly welcome to help us!

      (2 flannel prints)

In Nepal, they do not have the freedoms we are fond of, most especially since the earthquakes over 5 years past.  Over 45% of our villagers are struggling through another monsoon season without adequate housing beyond tin shacks which are miserable for living.  The villagers have little protection from the weather as the tin shacks are not insulated, often leaking as well as ‘creatures’ entering. (Vipers, rats, mice, etc.)  Few of us can relate to such stark living realities, thankfully.  

Our clean water pumped to the homes started up 10 days ago again.  The same with the grading and paving of roads in the remote areas we serve has been restored to action.  All of this continues even though they remain on tighter lockdowns than we have. 

                                  Children with the goats we gift
There are many ways to help the Nepali’s who are suffering beyond their already extensive long term losses, their harsh reality:  Donate what you can, as you can to help those who do not have the freedom in living as we do have.

             Thank you for helping us help others out of your abundance! 
                                   Happy birthday America!

You do know your gift is tax-deductible; you do know gifting to help others lifts you to more joy.  If you haven’t tried it, you will like it.  It works each and every time.  I promise