Gobble, Gobble!!

Gobble, Gobble!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is the beautiful Fall season with a full day designated to be ‘thankful’ for all we are blessed to have.  Most of us are thankful daily, yet how lovely to have a day set aside with the lofty theme of thankfulness.  Donors have heart, such big hearts!  Thank you for sharing your abundance with us as you have done and do.
We of R Star Foundation wish to share our numerous blessings with you in keeping with the holiday.  We definitely have so much gratitude for YOU keeping us out there in the field doing our work to serve the people in the rural villages of Nepal within their District (a State if you will), of Kavre.  
You are aware without YOU, we wouldn’t exist.  We are grateful to our donors and volunteers over these last ever changing 19.5 years.  What you do for those you do not even know is remarkable.  Do you know Nepal is not even listed as a 3rd World Country?  It is listed as an ‘underdeveloped’ country.  They do need our help. What we have provided has helped.  We can keep it going with your approval and support.
Rabin, our lead man in Nepal, is talked about in our newsletters for good reason. We grateful for Rabindra.  He is the man on the ground. He learns what is needed from the villagers and if there are government programs to lend to these identified needs to assist our villagers actual needs rather than our opinions about their needs.  
Rabin is unpaid for the work he provides for R Star. The same is so of all those within R Star’s structure with no paid employees, Founder included.  He believes it is his honor to serve R Star who helps over 44,000 people whom he oversees and encourages. We couldn’t do all we do without his ears and eyes.  Rabin is the father of 3 children with his beautiful wife Narayani.  They primarily reside in the suburbs of Kathmandu with his parents as is traditional to the culture. Rabin is a member of Rotary and attends meetings.  With the help of his club, Pattan South, he is able to locate what will benefit the people of Kavre villages we are working from trainings of marketable products the village ladies can make to literacy classes. which Rotary grants offer and provide.  
We are in full swing with the incredible water project to affect 100,000 people, 20 of our 51 villages.  2 more years until completion.   Rabin’s passion for the villagers to have water overcomes the hardships he faces being away from his family, he tells me.  He is excited how 20 of our villages will have water piped into their homes.    Rabin’s family Kathmandu home has piped water and bathrooms, one is Western!  Rabin understands the mighty benefits of running water.  We are extremely grateful for Rabindra helping R Star as he does.
You may be making plans for your year-end charitable gifts.  Would you consider gifting us an educational toy (monetarily), for a school aged child up to the 5th grade as you would purchase for the child in your life?  We will make the purchase as you direct in Nepal for you since shipping is far too expensive from here.  Any way, and any amount you can gift will be gratefully accepted and valued.
Let me introduce you to one of our R Star Foundation Board members.  Each Board member is critical to the direction and energy of our work.
Linda Torena -Treasurer
I worked as a Graphic Designer for McDonnell Douglas Space Systems until I injured my wrists; I am credentialed in both CA & NC as a teacher in Art Education, K-12, now retired. Always I’ve been a volunteer in schools, churches and a few charities as being in service keeps me vital.  Helping create community has been one of my long term goals. Because I have known Rosalind Russell personally since 1980, I got involved in R Star Foundation from its beginning doing graphic work, organizing, advising, gifting original water colors to sell at auctions to raise funds for the projects; gave a small fundraiser in October 2014 for R Star in Raleigh, NC.  I have continued to volunteer in whatever capacity appropriate for this wonderful organization. I believe R Star Foundation is a very worthwhile organization as it adheres to its purpose of helping women with trainings to develop skills, brings women’s literacy classes to the women, teaches them self-worth and value’ , and educating children by building and running an elementary school  adding to the future growth of the Nepalese.  Rosalind, with her adopted son Rabin, (who adopted her with papers), continue creating what is needed to lift the villagers lives.  Did you know Habitat for Humanity has built many homes in our villages?  They are small homes, but they have helped those who would never get a protective home.  I like being connected to winners, and this organization is all that in my educated opinion. – Linda Torena

Linda Torena -Treasurer
Side note by Rosalind regarding Linda: Because I am not a great artist, I share my art ideas to use for R Star with Linda who has always encouraged me to produce art because she knows it is good brain food..  She is an excellent teacher though I am not really better than I was in the 4th grade. I am excited when Linda and I share time at a table to play art, to paint or draw.  I can’t draw a stick person, but I tell you true, I have fun with what I create even though only small children actually like what I make. When I need help on something artistic, I draw it to my best ability, scan it and send it to Linda who first LAUGHS, (Linda tells me she smiles at my art, sees me as a Henri Rousseau), and then suggests things and polishes my ‘art’ to use for Christmas greeting cards or other publications.  Linda is humble as she does much more than she shared.  She remains an excellent seamstress. She encourages children to sew, even giving a sewing machine to a child interested in sewing.  She entertains a 4 year old boy with music as Linda is also a gifted musician.  Linda’s thoughts are creative as so of her art work. She brings much to the Board with her style of thinking. It is terrific to work with Linda who has been aboard the Nepal efforts since we began in 2003, enthusiastically.  She makes financial contributions beyond her volunteer time and efforts she shares.  She is invested in making the world a better place.  Another Board member helping us to shine!
I am grateful this Thanksgiving for Linda as well as our other outstanding, committed Board of Directors, Siddhartha Silwal; Sandy Ramsey; MJ Jeppson; Kim Debroux and Dr. Alvin Sanders for their expertise to drive us forward effectively.  
Make your shopping a ‘charitable’ event

Want to give while doing your online holiday shopping or ALL your shopping?  At no extra cost to you while benefitting our many worthy programs? 

AmazonSmile donates a portion of your purchase automatically to R Star Foundation. It is as simple as that!  
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This Thanksgiving will be unlike any we have ever had because of COVID as well as added precautions for safety.  It is not easy, but we told it will help us remain safe.  I , myself will not do my ‘turkey trot, which is not a run, rather going from one home to another WITH containers to bring home food to snack on for a couple of days.  I remain grateful I have been able to do my turkey trot in the past.  Regardless of COVID, we have so much to be grateful for by the fact we live in the USA!  We will all apply ourselves to what we are grateful for and who as we count our blessings which will multiply our gratitude exponentially.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you with as many blessings as you can receive from we who are grateful for YOU being in our lives with your support and volunteering.