FATHER’S Day is to Celebrate !!

FATHER’S Day is to Celebrate !!

Memorial Day has just past, a time to remember the fallen, those who gave their all for us. We are thankful for those who have unselfishly served us.  
It is a time I always recall my Dad as his birthday was the day after Memorial Day, then came Father’s Day to celebrate him yet again.  In his memory, I am this year gifting him a goat.  I know he would like knowing he is helping a family again.  (I honored him in the past with a greenhouse because he loved agriculture, growing things).

What can we do for the co-hero of your family here or in memory?

Your Dad probably has enough ‘ties’ and tools and after-shave. Present him with a way to help others by gifting him a part in building a way for the villagers to regroup and tend to their lives with a lift to do so.
 Imagine his pride by your choice as well as not having to be excited over more ties and socks or Old Spice.  Dad’s like to be a solution in life.  He and you will feel grand with such a gift to change lives by love in action, your love for him spilling over to others with a goat or portion of one.

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In Nepal, for Father’s day, dads are traditionally are given a plate of fruits and sweets, incense and a blessing along with flowers.  The tradition is very loving and honoring.  He is considered the pillar within the family as in most societies.  If he has passed on, the children, young and adults, go to the Temple to pray for him. Flower gifts are left in his memory as well as burning incense to bless him during prayers.(Proud Dad Siddhartha with his and ‘other’ children (baby & his sister Reyna) he loves & guides)

Let me point out our Board member Siddhartha as a prime example of a fine father with his 2 boys, Subham and Sriyam, his nieces and nephews too.  Actually, he “fathers” many children with his parental instincts/instructions and actions.  

Though Siddhartha hails from Nepal, he goes beyond what is culturally done in Nepal by dads.  He is nimble with all aspects of parenting his fine boys and numerous other children in his realm.  He frequently teaches one thing or another to children in his perimeter to help them in their futures to be successful.  I have seen his gentleness, kind ways and consideration to help kids.  I personally, admire Sidd’s parental skills of love to his own children and others. You are a fine example of a loving dad! Want to know more of what we are accomplishing regardless of the lockdowns and other handicaps for our far away efforts impacting underdeveloped Nepal?

Want to know what you can do beyond funds for actual programs we have in place? 

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Contact us as there are many opportunities in many ways to help in R Star’s outreach work helping others.  You are welcome to share what we send you and would appreciate it for that matter.  Exposing us helps us be seen and supported! 

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