Boo !! Happy Halloween from R Star

Boo !! Happy Halloween from R Star


Fall has arrived officially and all sorts of Ghoulish things are arriving for Halloween fun.
We have great things to share with you right here!  Nothing scary at all, just the sweetness of candy.  We are indeed, excited!

As you recall, we began the Personal Pad Solution kit project nearly 2 years back.  We ran into a snafu when COVID eliminated travel.  COVID ended delivery as shipping is over the top cost-wise. We have personal travelers to get kits safely to Nepal.  Here is a photo of one colorful suitcase on its way filled with comfortable solutions for female care.
Two of our esteemed Board members, Siddhartha Silwal and Sandy Ramsey both offered (THANK YOU, this is huge), to use one of their suitcases to transport between them, 100#s of kits!  The first half arrived a few days back, the 2nd batch arrives November 2nd!  Patan So Rotary club members will distribute the kits to our villages with Rabin’s direction.  They will engage the women in a brief training including personal hygiene and care of the pads.  We offer the instructions and pattern for the women to make their own.  Without a doubt, some women will create an income producing business to sell pad kits they make, or replenishing theirs, even supplying their daughters/sisters not ready for them.  We’ve been in touch with women who know the products are arriving.  They can’t wait to receive a kit as they understand the pads are more comfortable, not a burden to their land, and not costly as toss away products are. 
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Over 2 years, we collaborated for inside water for rural village homes.  Hurdle after hurdle we crawled over, COVID being the major reason for delays.  Water is now inside the targeted villagers homes.  Can you imagine the difference it makes for the women & family?  No more 5 trips a day up and down slippery slopes to gather enough water for their needs, 4-5 hours recovered to perhaps take a bath?  Animals won’t be neglected for their water needs because the women were too tired or the well was dry.  This is a huge change which will beget continued forward changes for our villagers.  Rabin worked closely with his municipality and villagers to help bring this long term project about.  WAHOO!
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Our newest Board member Michael Porto-Gathright,  who manages business development for Xeebi, (pronounced ZeeBee), has introduced R Star to the newest technology as part of his gift to R Star.  The company “solves the problem of saturated marketing initiatives like email or mailers and uses a direct and low-cost (no cost to R Star) approach through SMS/Text Message Campaigns to increase engagement with a clear call-to-action”.  We hope that you will “Opt-In” and stay connected to all things R Star has and will continue to accomplish with your support.  More details to come shortly..We are EXCITED!   Thank you,  Michael & Xeebi.
Another personal update from the Board: Last month our Board shared Rosalind’s personal loss of her mother.  Thank you for the many who reached out to Rosalind.  Not shared was she broke her foot a month after with a small mishap.  The good news is she is out of the walking boot and crutches having healed 100%!  At all times she remained optimistic, flexing where needed, and hobbling forward when afoot to keep up with the needs of the organization to lead forward as she does with enthusiasm.  

Additional Ways You Can Help

If anyone is interested in volunteering, or would host a small fundraiser in their home or yard, we are open to the idea to share what we successfully do in Nepal to lift the women who in turn, lift everyone!