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We need more than money to do our great work. Would you like to help?

You do not have to live in Laguna to help us. You can gift us with as little as 30 minutes of time each week from your location on your computer.

We need off site assistance with Social Media…Management of:

  • FaceBook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Video
  • other ways of contact
  • Website management (we are on Word Press, it is simple to update)

Grant Research/Grant Writing for grants matching our needs to the grantor

Fundraiser: Tea Parties or Dinner with a Cause or other fun ideas: which you host and Rosalind presents, can be held most anywhere though travel costs need to be considered.

Help us at festivals or fundraisers we have periodically

Connections for our travel concerns:

  • Airline tickets (Nepal and USA for presentations)
  • Hotel accommodations (USA for presentations or abroad for same)
  • Car Rental (for presentations, here and abroad, not Nepal)

These things can be done with points, contacts to companies who will give InKind donations or paid for outright.

Connections for:

  • Corporation support
  • Amazon for Kindles, or other Readers
  • People who would like to help us

Sponsor a gifting of a Goat ($200 or a portion of a goat)

Sponsor a child in school for a year which includes the uniform ($100 or portion)

Other Gifts of your time?

Who do you know who can help us help others?

Contact us today!