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Dr. Alvin B. Sanders 

Alvin B. Sanders, born in Pasadena, California. During his teen years of high school and through the first two years of college Alvin started a landscaping business and continued to build the business which is where he met Rosalind Russell, Founder of R Star Foundation, and began their budding friendship to this day.  At 28 years of age, Alvin credits Rosalind with making the decision to become a chiropractic doctor. He sold his lucrative landscaping business and graduated in 1994 and has practiced in Arizona to this day.

Al and Rosalind never lost touch.  He enjoyed her pursuits to help people to the point he was elected to the Board of Directors because he sees the difference the organization has made.  Since the devastation of the earthquakes, Al has personally donated more between his busy working life, always ready to lend a hand and knowledge to further the efforts abroad.  “Rosalind’s integrity and unselfish work to help others here and abroad inspires me, lifts me to do the added work to be part of the fine foundation.  I am honored to serve those in need while joined with the fine people of the Board, both Directors and Advisers”.

Jeanny Russell Artist, teacher and guide for teenagers

I have known Rosalind for more years than we can count on both of our hands and feet. My Background: Travel Agent,  Seamstress, mother of a son, now grandmother, Artist (Doll Artisan), Youth Counselor, Outdoor Educator, active in church, served on a number of boards and committees. One thing has been consistent,jenny travel, since I was born.  Which added to my experiences and knowledge, of people and places. All of the above has helped me in my Advisory Capacity with Rosalind and R Star  Foundation from the inception. TO add to my support I have donated Art  Dolls and items for a few of the silent auctions over the years to generate added income since I am not able to be present for other help. I conducted my own fundraising events in my town of Boulder, CO following the earthquake. Rosalind and I talk about many items of business for the foundation frequently.  Definitely during the Nepal Earthquake, we talked of many details on what was happening at the time.  We talk about:  Travel plans,  Fund Raising,  what we are getting as supplies for Nepal.  I fully believe in what R Star Foundation provides our 48 villages from goats to micro-financing, skilled training, the literacy classes and of course the wonderful elementary school with its very own well!  My travels will take me to Nepal in the near future!

Laura Lafoia Ava-Tesimale

Laura is a Pacific American businesswoman, humanitarian, community organizer, and interfaith peace activist. Her professional career spans over 30 years in Mortgage Banking holding positions such as Branch Manager, Account Executive, and Corporate Executive–managing production and operational divisions of multi-million dollar real estate lending firms. Since 2001, Laura has also been the CEO of AVA Consulting & ManagemeBIO Laura board of advisornt, as well as Founder and President of One Global Family Foundation.The list is large on all Laura has done and does do.  In 2005 she met Rosalind at BE THE CAUSE event in Long Beach.  Lightly they remained in contact, always with the intention to do something together to upgrade the world.  Now that has come to be with Laura joining the R Star Foundation’s advisory board, as well as being highly busy with many non-profits, one benefitting Nepal since the earthquake

Santosh Sitaula

Santosh SitaulaI was born in Ojhetar VDC, Nepal in 1983. After completion of high school in Kathmandu Nepal I transferred to the University of Texas at Arlington where I graduated with Microbiology and Chemistry degree in 2008, and now I am aimed at my MS.

I joined Thermo Fisher Scientific and started my successful sales profession. Besides, work I love to travel and create music, and share time with my wife and two daughters.

I have been volunteering for the R Star foundation since 2003 with the original website, advice and always interested in the work which has helped far beyond my own village which R Star is involved with deeply.

I met Rosalind when she was in Nepal in 1988, and have always known about her through my brother Rabindra. It was a natural thing to join the board as there is no doubt how I want to help the country of my birth who needs help beyond anything I ever knew until learning by living in the wonderful USA, and knowing my Mom Rosalind’s work along with my older brother who does the work on the ground. I admire them both and I know from here I can add to even more successes with the amazing organization of R Star!

Tom Davis of DAVIS Law, APC

Thomas P. Davis founded his firm in 2001 with the fundamental purpose of providing BIO Tom Davis Photolegal services in a way that aligned with his philosophy—combining diligence, intelligence and civility as the underlying principles.  The firm is committed to furthering client goals, fostering client relationships, and providing a level of quality service, responsiveness and performance that is unmatched. He has known and served on The Laguna Shanti Board with Rosalind Russell in the early ‘90’s.  When R Star Foundation began work in Nepal, Tom followed the development and encouraged her, helping where possible, including updating the BYLAWS in 2015 and attending events of R Star’s. Tom’s philanthropic interests have seen him heavily involved in these organizations: Tom is the Founding Director, Chhahari, a Nepalese Orphanage; Former Director, President and Vice President of the OC Epliepsy Society; Former Director, President, and Vice President of Laguna Shanti; Former Director of the Friendship Shelter; Former Director of the SchoolPower Endowment Fund in Laguna Beach; Member, Chair of the Laguna Beach Community Foundation; and Member, Laguna Beach Foundation Professional Council as well as Vestry, St. Mary Episcopal Church, Laguna Beach.

Bob McGraw

bobmcgrawOriginally from New York, now resident and licensed, practicing architect in Laguna Beach since 1987., Bob has always been a leader in his field, which led to how he met Rosalind Russell and became familiar with her foundation.
When asked if he would like to join on the Board of Directors, his reply was an instant “YES!” Bob was interviewed by the Board and unanimously elected as a member of the Board of Directors.

During his time on the board, Bob led the R Star Foundation to their first fundraiser which they put on at the lovely Tivoli Terrace in Laguna Beach. Bob’s generosity toward the fundraiser offset otherwise costs, truly making it a successful ‘FUN-raiser!

Time became a challenge for meeting with the board as actively ash he preferred because of his already flourishing business continued to another level of business, added subtraction of time too by becoming a grandfather of his eldest daughters beautiful daughter, and youngest daughter entering high school. Just the same, Bob remains connected to R Star as an active Board of Advisory member. Since the earthquake he has lent his time to look at prospective housing repairs in Nepal, bringing in other leaders in the community from engineers to contractors.

He and his family hope to make the long arduous journey to visit the school and a few of the villages within the next few years.

Richard Russell – Angel 24-7 Ministries overseer

My main interest in the ongoing work of R Star Foundation pertains to its clear focus on female, community and child empowerment in Nepal; the advancement of cottage industries, family self-subsistence, and child-education.  Currently the earthquake disaster requires a different path to regain balance for the villagers comes first, but with a swift return to what R Star has been successful with will continue to lift everyone. At the start of the R Star Foundation I was on the original Board serving for years from Vice President to Secretary, Treasure, creating the original BY-LAWS as well as preparing the 501(C) paperwork in order for R Star to be tax exempt.  Currently I serve as an Advisor, always eager to help the work to continue successfully forward.

Sharon Wilson – CEO for 4th Way, formerly an Executive with Higher Octave, subsidiary of Virgin Records

Rabindra SitaulaFormer Manager HBC of Nepal, Regional Director of R Star Foundation & media salesman

Patrick Freeman – Retired Allstate Insurance Agent, currently Health insurance salesman & real estate investor

Barbara McMurray – Consultant, grant writer and speaker/teacher on 501(c) foundations

Jonette McNaughton – Interior designer, retired, mother of three.

Victor Mitsunaga – Former Executive Banker and Consultant for International Affairs

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