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We appreciate all gifts regardless of the amount, every dollar makes a difference.

This is how your gifts can make an impact…

…For a gift of $200, you can purchase a goat to lift a families living style

…For $125 you can send a child to school for a year who would not otherwise get an education

…For $100 you can support a family of 4-5 for a month of food and hope

…For $50 you can purchase part of a goat, any part you wish

…For a gift of $25, you can support a school-girl with washable/reusable pads which will allow her to remain in school rather than missing 5 days each month leading to her eventually dropping out

As a convenience, you can easily set up and agree to monthly giving to R Star.

Remember, no one is paid a salary at R Star. Your gifts go to our projects as we are all unpaid volunteers!

The R★ Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 charity, EIN #83-0442006

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Can we count on your generosity and support?

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Thank you - RStar