R Stars Annual Pool Party Fundraiser!

On the 29th September 2013 R Star held yet another successful Annual Pool Party Fundaiser to help our cause!

What a huge success!

Thank you to everyone who was involved, who contributed, helped out, who donated, who just came and had a lovely time! Without you none of this would be possible.

The event was held at Illeana’s home, a long term supporter and more importantly friend of the charity organization. We can not thank her enough for her passion, support and enthusiasm.

The speeches, the dances from sweet Gita and her 2.5 year old Subham, the beautiful violin playing and the great food and tea helped make the fundraiser a great day for all. For more information don’t forget to like our page on Facebook


Briefly, I am just an ordinary person with a large passion to lift women who in-turn lift children, men, villages and therefore the world. My work is known for what I do primarily in Nepal, however my local projects center around PEACE which brings in our local children & joins the Nepali children in our newly built school where we teach peace daily...it is a country in a long time war, so teaching peace is needed; and working with long term inmates/prisoners about our country. I have many passions and I am lucky enough to get to express them.

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