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August 1, 2010, Sunday venue with 2 services 9 and 11 AM at the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley, Rosalind Russell, “Goat Lady of Laguna Beach” will be the speaker presenting her successful work on women in Nepal. She gives groups of 25, mixed caste women 51 goats, (50 pregnant and a breeder goat), with micro-financing to increase their ability to support their families in rural villages where women do not and cannot earn an income. Russell has also successfully opened a school for 200 children where general studies are taught, plus PEACE is taught for a minimum of 10 minutes a day since the country is riddled by several long standing revolutions, wars if you will. Education is a requirement for any country to lift itself from poverty… and they are listed by the UN as 3rd poorest in the world of nearly 200 countries, so education is clearly needed; and teaching peace is important since the children have never lived in peace.

Russell has collaborated with Rotary for literacy classes for over 800 women and growing. 20 of the graduate women have become teachers, a respectable position with an income seldom available for females. In fact, Russell is extra proud that 2 of the 3 teachers at her newly opened school has 2 women as teachers! Unheard of before in rural areas. Heading the work in the field is her adopted son Rabindra, who oversees and manages their work extremely well.
A second school is in the works though the funding altered dramatically thus slowing the building of the needed school in an even more rural area. Russell remains confident the second school will come to be as most donors clearly understand how education is the way up and out of poverty, and they will provide as they can since they know of her success.

Feel free to call Diane directly for information about the church location, or if you have any questions: 949-240-6463.

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