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Inspiration washes over me as I gather my thoughts and things together for the upcoming trip to Nepal

The actual trip will take place in December 2012. The exciting journey has already begun and I am thrilled to invite your participation in a different way.. hands on if you will.

It is my desire to further our efforts and progress into the 21st Century with the following items (new or used in good working order with cords and directions where possible) in bold attended by the motives for our hopes and to better document the lives of the children and villagers for everyone watching us or wanting to know:

Cashmere sweaters (warmer than wool or some synthetics) ~ for the severe cold of the Nepal winters

Digital Cameras and Movie Cameras with corresponding memory sticks and wires ~ to be used in each village for documentation (We have 35 villages and growing)

iPads and/or Lightweight Laptops with corresponding connectors ~ to improve communication and educational opportunities

iPhones or SIMS Card Phones ~ for placement in the 35 villages to contact Rabindra, the coordinator for R* Foundation, and for other village matters

iPods ~ goats and people in general like music, children adore it

Nooks & Kindles ~ (my interns will load these items with classics and other available educational materials) to be a new learning tool in school as well as to the women who have gone through our literacy classes (over 2000 grads) thereby creating a marvelous library otherwise not available for forwarding learning

Other Donation and Friend/Fund Raising Ideas which might appeal to you –
General Points from Credit Cards ~ for travel and related expenses
Mileage Points
Hosted ‘Tea Parties’ or Dinner with A Cause ~ with a formal presentation by me or done without me

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