Washington, D.C. Trip May 2010

The trip was incredible with understanding how much our work in Nepal is needed, is respected.  First thing I learned was how most 3rd world countries have the same issues with finances.  We shall over come the hurdles especially when we collaborate.  Met Congressional people at our fundraiser at LOCALS 16.  In addition to the fine fundraiser for 3 worthy charities, IOC, Afghanistan; Disaster Relief, Todd Shea and us, R★ Foundation… Nepal  I trotted about our Capitol, White House and WA Memorial and between.  What a remarkable country we do live in.  My family unknown to me also came to the event and had an incredible party stimulated by my presence.  Love was all around.


Briefly, I am just an ordinary person with a large passion to lift women who in-turn lift children, men, villages and therefore the world. My work is known for what I do primarily in Nepal, however my local projects center around PEACE which brings in our local children & joins the Nepali children in our newly built school where we teach peace daily...it is a country in a long time war, so teaching peace is needed; and working with long term inmates/prisoners about our country. I have many passions and I am lucky enough to get to express them.

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  • May 19, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    AWESOME Rosalind!! I’m so excited for you (and the women in Nepal) !! ~Robin

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