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We are happy to relay the following progress reports from Rabin, who directs our things in Nepal.   Keep in mind that only 40% of the 98% of the lost and demolished homes in our villages have started rebuilding.

These pictures of reconstruction are from Wojetar, Kavre District, where R Star’s school is located:

Suntali Danuwar in front of her unfinished home where she is drying her clothes. She has been with us since we started our goat 🐐 project for the first time.

This home belongs to Ujeli Danuwar , she is with R Star.
This house belongs to Sanu Sitaula who is single and has a deaf, blind crippled son. She has been with R Star from the beginning until now.  She and the other women are super grateful to be aligned with R Star as they tell us, thanking us for the work we do, as well as asking about ‘sister Rosalind’ who they know loves them unlike anyone.
This house belongs to Mansuba Danuwar, also in Wojetar, she has been with R Star since the beginning until now.
The is the houseof Bhagawati’s.
This home belongs to Sita.
 All of us here at R Star appreciates your interest in our work.  Your donations have an immediate and long lasting impact as you can see above.  Could you help us accomplish more with a small donation today?