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Without our mom’s we would not be here. We know mothers nourish us, support us, guide us all our lives with whatever means they have.  It is the same of all mothers in all the world regardless of culture or country.

Our work in Nepal has us working directly with mothers most who are struggling more than before because of the earthquakes of 2 years plus back, but also because of the culture not favoring females.

R Star is helping lift the mothers in our villages because of the help we receive with the needs we have identified.  We know when we lift a mother, we lift her entire family as well as the village.

The Nepali mothers need help to restore stability to their families with a home fit for humans.  Our goat programs with micro-financing have helped the women since we began in 2003 and still do.  The goats are not enough to triumph over the loss of all worldly goods including their homes.  As you may know, we are building organic greenhouses  which produce year round adding to what they eat, but also sell with their profits going to building a proper home.
We continue to request your help, your support to accomplish the lofty goal to help our over 44,000 villagers.  Yes, we have some village families who have outside help to rebuild, but they are few.

Want to be more involved?

You can help in more than one way.  An entire greenhouse costs $550 which includes the structure, tarp, water storage, hose for watering, training on proper organic gardening as well as experts to guide the construction. Perhaps you can’t gift an entire greenhouse?  Do as you can.  It all helps.  Some of you have talents which will assist our efforts from holding a fundraiser to doing simple office work, spreading the news on social media to connect us to others?  We are open to what is possible for you.

Guaranteed, you will feel great doing what you can do.

Rosalind Russell | R Star Foundation