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Ah, you have already gifted R Star recently?  Perhaps you can share our work with others which will help us with the horrific conditions which continue to plague the little, forgotten, unreported news realities of Nepal’s people?  Your support can be done in many ways which we welcome!

 The embargo by India stopped all supplies from fuel to building materials, medical supplies and hope remains suppressed though improving for about two weeks since it began 5 months back.  We areHOP-eful.  Our school children continue to thrive regardless of not having a proper school building since the quakes 11 months back.  As diligent as we have been we do not have the approved engineering plans to restructure the building or the hard costs.  Nepal does not function as we do in the sense of understanding urgency for the protection of our students as well as being overwhelmed by the huge housing losses in the country.

Exposure continues without housing to protect the families.  Villagers can’t build proper houses  due to lack of supplies or extreme costs.  71,000 houses were lost in Nepal.  Supplies will be in high demand.  R Star’s village substantial home losses are over 16,500.  20 homes were built before the embargo, 5 remained standing of the original homes.  Seriously, they need help!

Homes are of urgent importance as crime increased enormously from rapes and violentstealing of the little jewelry the rural women have by thugs.  Suicides increased by 10% since the embargo began.  There is no protection!  Housing is critical beyond issues of exposure, black cobra’s, jackals and tiger attacks and bugs.

How can we can help these forgotten victims?  Connect us to corporate gifting; create your own fundraiser; enjoy your birthday more by asking your guests to gift in your name to R Star. There are many creative ways to help.
Please help us help more sez the Easter Bunny!
Want more information on what we are doing to get help where it is needed in our 50 villages now?  Contact us in any form of your choice:www.RStarFoundation.org  Phone: 949 497 4911; snail mail PO Box 4183 or email:RStar@pacbell.net or Facebook.  We are easy to find and eager to serve.  We promise YOU will feel great with anything you can do to help us help Nepal.

Please share as sharing does help us.  Happy Easter! Happy Spring, Happy Happy Everything!You can donate here if this works for you:https://fundraiser.processdonation.org/Fundraiser/donate.aspx?fid=9I4HE6375C

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