Update after second Earthquake hits Nepal

From director of R Star Rosalind Russell

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“With the earthquake today over 7.2 , things are of course worse. There is no stability in most of Nepal, yet the needs for those in the rural areas remains HUGE. We will be in the villages gathering information as we bring supplies from temp housing to foods and other supplies within hours from now. What was already awful and bad has indeed become far worse, far more dangerous. That said, we have the stalwart leadership of Rabindra Sitaula doing all he can do with the teams of Nepali friends and family the garners to bring in help with supplies, to establish hope with the reminder to be sure and certain to help each other rather than standing about weeping and commiserating or stealing. This is catastrophic with the added quake, with continuing aftershocks. Your prayers remain requested. What affects one, affects all of us!”


Briefly, I am just an ordinary person with a large passion to lift women who in-turn lift children, men, villages and therefore the world. My work is known for what I do primarily in Nepal, however my local projects center around PEACE which brings in our local children & joins the Nepali children in our newly built school where we teach peace daily...it is a country in a long time war, so teaching peace is needed; and working with long term inmates/prisoners about our country. I have many passions and I am lucky enough to get to express them.

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