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R Star’s Nepal Earthquake report on the villages:

To date (4/28/2015) Rstar has only received reports from 4 villages of our 48.

Our village with the school finds the homes leveled, all of them, 100%. Only our school remains, Top of the World-Nepal school. It is damaged, though how much will take weeks to learn as access to the village remains impossible. The people are suffering terribly living outside with minimal food, most of their animals died, and water likely becoming contaminated.

In the neighboring village, Baluwa, we have 6 confirmed deaths of our villagers and all their homes were leveled, and huge loss of life for their animals.

We have created an emergency fund which Rabin will be overseeing fully. 100% of the donations we receive will be used to help those we have worked with and helped before. www,RStarFoundation.org


Rosalind Russell, CEO of R Star foundation, has been in touch with the Nepali Embassy sharing what we know in our village of Wojethar nd Baluwa requesting help and asking when help will arrive.
We have learned is the Nepal Army is in the State we are in, Kavre, but that doesn’t place them in any of our rural villages at this time.

Disease is possibly next to follow along with mudslides, landslides because of rain and land instability. Starvation is more than possible because of no transport to the villages or emergency help arriving. There is no fuel easily available to traverse the ruined roads to bring in food or help. The deaths are mounting as they dig through the rubble as we see on the news stations.

If you know those willing to assist the work we have successfully had in place for better than a decade, they can donate to: www.RStarFoundation.org

Prayers remain requested, of course.

Additionally, Rabin was present in the hardest hit village Wojethar his home village. Rabin did go through Baluwa as he returned on the bumpy road to Kathmandu to be with his immediate family.

He has photos immediately taken after the initial earthquake, but no way yet to get them to me because of connectivity.

He was able to return to his Kathmandu home late Saturday the 25th, to meet up with his wife and infant child and 8 year old daughter along with other family members.
They are all living in a tentless city of over 150 displaced people on a polluted water bank in the rain, little food being available, but water is available. They will get assistance before the rural areas for basic needs. Electricity is supposed to be restored sometime in the next 24 hours.

Rabin is prepared to head the relief to get help to our villages once the roads are deemed available. We hope to have a group of dedicated emergency support Mormons arriving to assist in our 2 worst hit villages within this week. He will lead the team to Wojethar and Baluwa if they are able to get transportation.
Getting the news out is a helpful thing for R Star. Like any other earth catastrophe, help is requested and necessary.
For now our website works to receive donations other than mailing gifts to us.
It is not that all of Nepal doesn’t need help, they do. We have no way to help everyone, thus we are concentrating on the 30,000 people in our 48 villages to return to their lives as rapidly as possible.
Loving blessings,
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