R Star Stories

Sharmila’s husband: “At first I had doubt and didn’t understand the purpose of the work. I thought something good was happening when my wife joined the group brought to us by a woman Rosalind of R Star. I didn’t know it would impact so much but after a few years we realized how much of a positive way it went. I’m very happy my wife is a part of the project. We never fought about the income she was producing; my wife ran her finance that she earned which has never been the custom of this little country. (A woman’s money is not hers but the husband’s or head of household.) It took a great burden from me with her ability to add to our otherwise poor lives. We are grateful for the program”.
Picture of Sharmila, her husband and R Star Intern Martha Myers. Photo Credit -Rabindra Sitaula


Briefly, I am just an ordinary person with a large passion to lift women who in-turn lift children, men, villages and therefore the world. My work is known for what I do primarily in Nepal, however my local projects center around PEACE which brings in our local children & joins the Nepali children in our newly built school where we teach peace daily...it is a country in a long time war, so teaching peace is needed; and working with long term inmates/prisoners about our country. I have many passions and I am lucky enough to get to express them.

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