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Published November 19, 2013 in STU NEWS LAGUNA

R Star Foundation collecting old cell phone donations protecting the environment and helping its Top of the World – Nepal school

R Star Foundation –“Women Helping Women & children in Nepal…therefore the world” is conducting a fundraiser. There is nothing to purchase. They are looking for you to donate your used and unwanted cell phones.
Your donation will also help to protect the environment. If only one cell phone is disposed improperly, it can pollute up to 35,000 gallons of water! Your donated, unwanted cell phone will be recycled in accordance to EPA standards or refurbished and sold. The company used is State DOD Certified to delete all previous data. (You can go to Google, enter your phone series and do it yourself if you feel safer).
Data removal is guaranteed.
Items donated are a tax deduction. The proceeds from the collected items will help fund building and furnishing the World Knowledge Communication Lab for the children in R-Star Foundation’s highly successful rural school, Top of the World – Nepal, now in its fourth year.
Your support is greatly appreciated!
Call or email for a drop off or with 15 or more phones you will be given a label for mailing. 949.497.4911. rstar@pacbell.net